Monday, 28 December 2009

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Is this the correct time to invest in Share market!!

Hello Friends....

Today's biggest question... Is this the correct time to invest in Share Market? The obvious answers is off course YES!!

Today the Indian Share market is in full swing. Specially the PSU's - Oil and Gas, IT firms (Satyam), etc...

A calculated approach is what is needed now towards the Share Market, It is volatile but we should not think much even if we loose a bit. Ones main intention should be now towards long term returns, which can definitely make a person rich. Nowadays many of the share market websites do also give some suggestions on what to buy and what not, those they do after a lot of research. So you might even believe them and invest in the same. And if anyone has any amount of doubt they might even follow some of the company's share for a week or so and then invest in them. There are other websites like wherein you can even add some company's shares to your wish list and track them to see how they perform.

Moreover with a stable Government at the centre we can always hope that our market will perform the best. More so the budget is in the corner, and we can always expect that the market will rise post budget, where we need to make the most out of our investments.

In all we can go for it, and we need the zeal to do it. Then you will find how success you can be!!